Listen to Dr Jill about Power Nap!

Only 2-1/2 minutes to discover an easy way to boost your mind power! The same method used by Albert Einstein and President John F. Kennedy.



10 Minute Super Power Nap MP3


Want to instantly boost your mental edge, memory, creativity, and level of energy? Many brilliant people like Albert Einstein take brief afternoon power naps. Can't nap at work? This brain enhancement MP3 will ease you into an awake 10-minute power nap during a break. Download directly onto your computer, pad or phone. Created by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, 45-year brain/mind research pioneer. Click Here to buy this MP3!

Nap Your Way to Brilliance

Why take an afternoon nap? Good question. Perhaps one answer is a reference to one man known for "nodding off" in the afternoon -- Albert Einstein. Actually more than one great thinker has been known to take brief afternoon power naps. Read More Here!