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AMAZE YOURSELF: Take a Quantum Leap
By Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

Regardless of how brilliant or successful you are, there’s still more YOU that can be unleashed. “Amaze Yourself: Take a Quantum Leap” takes you straight into the discovery of very exciting hidden aspects of yourself! Read More Here!

obe100x100OUT-OF-BODY WORKBOOK: The Ultimate 5-Step Guide to the Astral Projection Experience
By Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

Many serious scientists now believe astral projections and OBEs are far more than psychic phenomena. Read More Here!

PINEAL GLAND & THIRD EYE: Proven Methods to Develop your Higher Self
By Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

There is now very real scientific proof that your pineal gland truly IS a third eye. It even has a lens just like your regular eyes. Come discover how this works in your brain (easy to understand). Read More Here!

manifestation moneyMANIFESTING MONEY: How the rich use simple mind hacks to attract wealth and abundance. 
By Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

An unusual book by a self-made millionaire and advisor to success-motivated people from around the world. Read More Here!

Our Audio Collections

Our Lifestyle MP3s Collection

Special collections such as: Law of Attraction Success (create instant personal transformation). Bust Your Stress Fast (activate this quarter-sized spot in your brain’s left cortex). Build Money Mind Power (the mental answer to money challenges). Ensure Healthy Longevity (increase your human growth hormone (HgH) production). Solve Sleep Problems (a drug free remedy). Pain Relief (unplugs pain messages and creates new neural pathways). Learn more!

10 Minute Super Power Nap MP3

Want to instantly boost your mental edge, memory, creativity, and level of energy? Many brilliant people like Albert Einstein take brief afternoon power naps. Can’t nap at work? This brain enhancement MP3 will ease you into an awake 10-minute power nap during a break. Download directly onto your computer, pad or phone. Created by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, 45-year brain/mind research pioneer. Click Here to buy this MP3!

bmp_thirdeyeOur MP3s Brainwave Training Collection

Pineal Gland-Third Eye Collection. Science tells us we have a third eye – the pineal gland in the center of our brain. Activate your pineal gland to open the third eye using engineered brainwave training. Amaze-Quantum Leap Collection. You could spend 10 years meditating, but there’s a faster way to higher level of consciousness. The secret is what’s happening in your brain. Higher States Collection. Each thought has brainwaves triggering associated states of consciousness. Experience higher states, transcendental consciousness and enlightenment. Out-of-Body Collection. At deepest levels you'll experience “awareness of pure being” and feel identical to everything in the universe – the ultimate OBE experience.  Click Here!

quantum-self.comThe QUANTUM MIND Program

A unique 3-month powerful mind power online training that guides you to install  the brainwave configuration of self-achieved people in your own brain. Based on 45 years research and actual clinical and online application! An amazing, proven-effective, science-based experience=> I Want More Information !