What is brainwave training… and why is it important?

“Everything you think or do – every action you take, or
even think of taking – starts in your mind as a very real
physical brainwave-driven thought!”
~~Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

It’s what’s happening in YOUR BRAIN that creates your outward actions. The only way to change your life is to change the way you think. And the BEST AND FASTEST WAY to permanently change how you think is to learn to control your thoughts at the source – your physical brain.

What is “Mental Control?”
Modern research has proven that almost everyone is capable of conscious control of their brainwaves. Amazing things happen when you learn to control your brainwaves. YOU then have true conscious control over your thoughts … and can actually choose your desired mental state.

Rather than being controlled by your emotions, for example, you can consciously choose the best emotional response for any situation.

Why This Works
Here are some things you’ll want to be aware of regarding taking control of your own brain:
1. Thoughts have physical reality. Neuroscientists have clear evidence that our thoughts have physical reality and can be measured using scientific devices. BUT did you know that the ability to think a specific thought requires the presence of the exact electrical signals (brainwaves) corresponding to that thought?

2. Your brain is electric. Your brain uses a total of about 5 to 10 watts of tiny electrical impulses called brainwaves to produce your mental environment and thoughts. Your mental environment, in turn, controls what you can (and simply cannot) achieve in your life! That might not seem like much power … but a focused 5-watt laser can burn right through the metal door of a refrigerator.

3. You can “select” what to experience. Every mental state you experience is a combination of several different brainwaves. And each type of brainwave adds its own unique contribution to your mental experience. Certain brainwave combinations are found in the brains of super-achievers, but are achievable once you know how.

4. The good news. Your combination of brainwaves creates your thought patterns and mental capabilities. Change your brainwaves, and you can supercharge how you think. This can literally recreate your mental potential!

5. Our brainwave entrainment products. Our 45 years of scientific research and clinical experience has proven that you can change your brainwaves. Once you learn this you can actually choose what mental state you wish to experience!

Think about that for a moment.
Imagine the excitement of consciously looking at a “problem” … and instead seeing an “opportunity.” And then having the discipline to actually go after that opportunity just like super-achievers do!

Such mental control makes you able to then consciously create such mental experiences as: Deep relaxation or meditation, very low stress, greatly increased creativity, crystal clear mental focus, enhanced memory, greatly increased productivity … and even higher states of consciousness.



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